Reman 和 Unit Exchange (UX) for engine systems, traction systems, 和 control systems

Our Remanufacturing solutions enable customers to replace old engines, cylinder assembly, 涡轮增压器,  traction motors, 交流发电机, 鼓风机, 抽风机, cards 和 other key components of a locomotive with corresponding certified OEM  quality units.

客户s can choose to have 全球最大网赌正规平台 their original unit or opt for unit exchange (UX), where an equivalent unit is promptly provided in return for the original unit. In either case, units go through a comprehensive tear-down, requalification, 和 assembly process that ensures remanufactured units perform at par with corresponding new units.

Available at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new units, remanufactured units extend the life of the locomotive 和 restore original performance.


全球最大网赌正规平台 机车